Weekend retreat 10-12 Nov

“The three fetters- of habit, superficiality, and vagueness- are broken by means of Insight…by becoming creative, committed, and clear. When Insight arises, one enters the Stream that leads to Enlightenment…one can enjoy the taste of freedom”   Sangharakshita

A weekend at the lovely Eastdown Centre on Dartmoor in Devon.


Suitable for those who have completed an introductory Buddhism course at a Triratna Centre or who have been attending Triratna classes regularly for 3 months.

Led by Karunavapi and Taranita.  



A retreat is a great opportunity to deepen our practice of Buddhism as well as a great way to form friendships with other men and women coming along to Bristol Buddhist Centre. The peace and quiet of the countryside as well as the simple life, some silence and a focus on practising collectively all help to support this. A positive atmosphere builds up which helps us to relax and go deeper. We are looking forward to this retreat and hope that you can join us.

Find out more about life on retreat here.

Retreat starts on Friday with supper at 6pm. Please aim to arrive between 5 & 6pm (drive time from Bristol approx 2 hours – directions here). Lift shares can usually be arranged. Retreat ends approx 3.30pm Sunday so you should be back in Bristol by around 5.30pm.

Unfortunately the venue does not have facilities for those with physical disability. Please email the Buddhist Centre if you want to check if the venue is suitable for your needs.

All meals are vegan.

Please book here (this cost covers the accommodation and food – an appeal for a donation to cover other costs will be made on the retreat).

booking fee £100

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