Dharma Weekend – The Shepherd’s Search for Mind 8/9 July

A weekend with our president Manjuvajra  exploring the themes of Going Forth and Insight meditation, drawing on the teachings of the Tibetan yogi Milarepa

The Buddha realized that the ‘world’, even his privileged world, did not offer any ultimate satisfaction – so he went forth from the world into a life of spiritual searching and ultimately discovered that his conviction that he had a fixed self was the essential block to spiritual liberation. Liberating himself from delusions about both the world and the self opened the door to the freedom he sought. In Mahayana teachings the abandonment of self is seen as the door to realizing the emptiness of all dharmas (things). These two approaches to the Buddhist life – Going Forth from the World and abandoning the self  both support our spiritual quest. Milarepa is a model of both renunciation and self transcendence in both his life style and his meditation teaching. This weekend is devoted to one of his best known and inspiring set of teachings.

Suitable for anyone practising in the Triratna Buddhist Community.

Please plan to come for the whole day (early morning meditation is optional)

8 – 6pm each day

8:00 Meditation  (optional)

9:00 Breakfast – provided

10:00 Study of The Shepherd’s Search for Mind –
        Saturday – part 1 – Delusions about the  ‘World’
        Sunday – part 2 – Delusions about the ‘Self’

12:30 Meditation

1:00 Lunch 

2:00 Study continued

4:30 Meditation and puja

6:00 Finish.

Bring veggie/vegan lunch to share

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