U35s evening – Fri 4 Aug

Hello young people!

Next Event Friday 4th August

Join us on Friday 4th August 7:30-10:00pm for a night on the theme of ‘The Heart’, where we will look into and discuss the connection between Buddhism and the heart.

This follows on from exploring the Mythic side of Buddhism last event but is also stand alone so don’t worry if you weren’t able to make it last time.
We will be discussing questions and views like:

What role does the Heart play in Buddhism?
I thought Buddhism was rational and to do with the mind?
Can you separate the head and the heart?
How can I engage my heart within my own practice or life?
… but there’s no need for faith right?

There will also be meditation, tea and cake. Please feel free to bring some to share

Look forward to seeing you there.

first Fridays of the month :   4 August, 1 Sept,  6 Oct,  3 Nov,  1 Dec

Fi, Louisa, Polly, Catherine and Will

This event is for under 35’s and open to all levels of experience.

 7.30 – 10pm


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See https://thebuddhistcentre.com/youngbuddhists

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