Meditation Weekend – Sesshin – June 24/25th June

Silent and Simple
The word sesshin means something like ‘touching the core’. A sesshin in a Zen monastery refers to an intensive retreat that helps the monks to deepen their practice. Though we do not have monastic conditions at the Bristol Buddhist Centre, this two day weekend event will be an attempt to create the conditions to deepen our practice by focusing on meditation and mindfulness in silence.

Each day will start at 10am and finish at 5pm and there will be silence throughout. There won’t be any meditation instruction but there will be led walking meditations. If you have not done walking meditation before this is a practice which takes meditative awareness into the act of standing and walking. It is also a chance to move and relax between meditations. The meditations will be between 35-45mins long and there will be a number of them during the day. We will start each day by chanting the Refuges and Precepts and end it with Transference of Merits.

You are welcome to attend for one day only but I encourage you, if possible, to attend both days. It is also a good idea not to organise anything during the evening after the first day, but to have a quiet time lined up so as not to disrupt too much the meditative state between the two days.  It will not be possible to come for periods shorter than one day.

Please arrive earlier than 10am so that we can make a prompt start. Please bring vegetarian lunch.


open to regular friends, Mitras and Order Members

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