Special Events

At weekends we often have day retreats for meditation or Dharma study, or for particular sangha groups to get together.

Our three major festivals celebrate the Three Jewels and are opportunities for the whole Sangha to practise together. Buddha Day on the full moon of May/June celebrates the awakening of the Buddha, Dharma Day on the full moon of July marks his first communication of his awakened experience, and Sangha Day on the full moon of November celebrates the community of followers of the Buddha.

We also go away for weekend retreats in the countryside – info here.

Positive emotion and the Crucible of Communication – 16-17 June

Cultivating positive emotion through Dharma teaching, pair and group process work

International Practice Week: ‘Turning Arrows Into Flowers’ 22-29 Sept

Here is an invitation to our 2018 International Triratna Practice Week!  The plan is for as many Triratna Sanghas across the world to take part as possible so that we can be aware of each other practising together as one practice community, from Europe to the Americas to Australia and including India! It’s like the […]

Winter Retreat 9 – 11 November

A weekend retreat led by Karunavapi and Taranita for all genders – focusing on release. At the lovely Eastdown Centre on Dartmoor.  More details and booking nearer the time.

Sangha Walks

Opportunities to connect with the countryside, inner experience, and others in the Sangha.

Dharma Day Festival

Celebrating communicating the Dharma

Men’s day Sat 19 May

This will be the second of 4 Men’s Days through 2018 (see below) 10 – 5pm   Bring veggie lunch to share Next dates:   13 Oct 15 Dec

Weekend retreat 13 – 15 July

Radical relaxation: Great Compassion Led by Karunavapi and Team Continuing our exploration of the mandala of spiritual practice with a deeper look at Spiritual Receptivity. This retreat will focus on Just Sitting, a practice in which we’re open to the whole of our experience which forms a vital balance to structured practice, and is also […]

Mandala 2018. A year of ritual for women

a series of rituals celebrating the 5 Buddhas and marking the pattern of the natural year

Going Deeper in Meditation

Saturday mornings for those with an established meditation practice

2018 Big Sangha Retreat – 1- 4 June

Join us on this year’s retreat! Booking closes 25th May