Padmasambhava Festival Eve Fri 29 Sept

Celebrating Padmasambhava the Magician

Padmasambhava is an important figure in the Buddhist tradition and in Triratna.  He stands at the mysterious crossroads where history and myth meet.  He’s said to have lived in the 8th century but the story of his ‘Life’ transcends space and time.  He is the tantric guru par excellence, transforming demon energies into spiritual qualities.  He is Padmasambhava the sorcerer as well as Padmasambhava the monk.  He shape-shifts and fascinates us to go beyond ourselves into unimagined realms.

Bhante Sangharakshita has a particular connection with Padmasambhava – one of his teachers gave him the name ‘Urgyen’ which means ‘belonging to the land of Uddiyana’ (birthplace of Padmasambhava).  He once said that he felt that Uddiyana was his ‘true home’.

Whatever you make of all this, you’re warmly invited to celebrate the Greatly Precious Guru of the Buddhist tradition and venture into the land of Uddiyana at this festival evening.  There will be meditation, chanting, puja and more.  Come and add your voice to the invocation, or simply be present and listen.

5.00pm Shrine Building (optional) – come and help this creative activity – no shrine-making experience needed!

6.00pm Shared Padmasambhava Festival Feast – bring vegan food to share

7.30pm Talk and Puja


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