Buddhist Action Month 2018

Buddhist Action Month

June is Buddhist Action Month (BAM), which coincides with our Ratnasambhava theme exploring positive emotion.

On Tuesday 12 June, Bhadra gave a talk about ‘Revisioning our Relationship with the World’ – catch up with that here.

On Tuesday 5 June, Amalavajra came to talk about ‘Ratnasambhava’s Delight’ – the qualities of giving and generosity.  He also led through a ‘gratitude bhavana’ meditation.  (Catch this beautiful meditation here.)

The overall theme for BAM is ‘Transforming Self, Transforming World’. More details of BAM across the Triratna can be found here.

On Amalavajra’s evening we were invited to consider what action we each could take, focusing on the Dharma as our means of transforming self and world. Suggested actions were time, energy or money, both locally (Bristol Buddhist Centre) and globally (FutureDharma Fund – Triratna’s main charity for funding Dharma projects wordwide).

What could you do for BAM?

Locally – Give time/energy to help support events at the Centre, to spread the Dharma and to build Sangha:

  • join Sangha works for 2 hours each week to help care for the Centre
  • support an introductory course in the autumn
  • help with basic maintenance each week at the Centre
  • undertake website updates for Healing Rooms (requires WordPress skills!).
  • consider supporting the Centre financially through regular giving. For more information, click here

These ideas received a great response on our 5 June Sangha night, with offers of funds (one off and regular giving), skills sharing and more help with Sangha works all being made.  Bhadra is following these up – but it’s never too late to contact him with offers of help!  Email bhadra@bristol-buddhist-centre.org or catch him at a class.

Globally – There are a bewildering number of ways to help transform the world.  One concrete and very doable suggestion from Amalavajra is to Give time/energy or money to FutureDharma.   One specific FutureDharma project which the Bristol Sangha has taken to heart is:

Supporting Santaka in Poland

Here is a personal message from Santaka: “Could you please, give our heart felt thanks to Bristol Sangha for the beauty of sharing your resources with us. May you all be well and happy.”

An Order member called Santaka (left)  is already doing this in Warsaw. Each week he makes the 200 mile journey from Krakow to Warsaw to rent a room to teach two classes. This of course takes time, energy and money and in order to keep doing this he needs our help. He needs our support to continue spreading the Dharma to meet many more young people like Patryk, whose life was transformed by encountering the Dharma in Warsaw 9 years ago:

“Patryk is a young man in Poland who struggled with depression and anxiety, and a general lack of meaning in his life. Nine years ago he encountered the Triratna Buddhist group on Krakow, in what is largely a Christian country. Patryk knew he wanted to meditate but was very suspicious of any religion, and spent the first two years sitting on the windowsill. Then something began to change for Patryk and to his surprise he found himself making an offering during a puja. Fast forward to the present and Patryk has now asked to train to join the Triratna Buddhist Order and is currently living and working at Padmaloka, the men’s ordination training retreat centre in Norfolk, UK. Patryk now has meaning in his life.”

Patryk is just one story. There are many more people like Patryk in the world whose lives could be transformed by the Dharma.

The response from the Bristol Sangha to the Global request:

On the first Sangha Night of BAM,  we launched a fundraising appeal to support Santaka in Poland.  This is part of Buddhist Action Month (BAM) response as the Bristol Sangha.  We have an opportunity to help the Polish sangha, as we did at the skills auction last month. An Order member here in Bristol has pledged to give £2000 each year for the next three years, if we can match that. So anything we can raise, he will double!

On Tuesday 5 June at  Sangha night we raised £1485 for Poland, so we have just £515 left to raise.

Can you help?  Click below to

  Give £25 NOW to support Santaka teach the Dharma in Warsaw

Give £10 a month NOW to support Santaka to teach the Dharma in Warsaw

(Please email abhayamaitri@gmail.com to let her know if you do this – she’s keeping the records.)

If you’re inspired by FutureDharma, there are many other ways to be involved and to give – you might like to fundraise for a specific project elsewhere in the world, set up a monthly donation to support Dharma projects, or become a FutureDharma Champion. For more information, please contact Abhayamaitri (abhayamaitri@gmail.com).





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